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DM’s Introduction:

Trying to get this started!

I thought I would add an entry here so I have at least done something. I’m not sure about this site but am willing to give it a try!

I look forward to DMing for all of you!

My name is Jon and I have been playing RPGs for 31 years. Mostly DND but White Wolf and some others as well. I do table top gaming. I haven’t LARPed and although it looks interesting, it’s not something I have done.

I mostly run the games and that is fine with me. I have a DM personality, although I’m not sure I could explain that easily. I like trying a lot of things and being the DM lets me do that easily. I also like telling stories and entertaining people, and all of that comes together in being a DM.

I have lived in the DM area for nine years now. Prior to that, I was in Cedar Rapids. I was born and raised in Iowa, Mason City to be specific, and enjoy Iowa!


Gaming in Des Moines

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