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Undermountain and Shar
First Time

Devros is not sure of the new party member. Kazel seems okay to him but Devors has heard of the cruel way he had treated dwarves in the past. However, Kazel is open and seems to be honest about wanting to make up for the dark things he did in his past. Devros is hoping he has made a good decision in including Kazel.

Once the group, (names Niabi, Mirimah, Kazel and Onyx), are gathered, Devros explains that he has a job for the group. His former mentor, Thesp Eltorchul, has a job for them. Thesp has apparently heard that a church devoted to Shar, the evil goddess of darkness, secrets and hidden things, has sprung up. Thesp has hired Devros to take care of it. Devros explains this to the group and asks them to use their contacts to find out more. Onyx’s character talks to the right people and finds out that there is a temple somewhere in the first level of Undermountain. Kazel’s attempts to find out something led him to some dwarves who wanted revenge, and it wasn’t until several hours had past that he was able to give them the slip and meet up with the group.

Knowing it’s in Undermountain, the group then has to find a way into it. They have the obvious entry into Undermountain, via the Yawning Portal. But they don’t know where in Undermountain it is and would have to search for it. Of course, they would have to do that at any point, but starting from there doesn’t appeal to them. They have heard rumors that there are many other places that get a person to Undermountain and go looking for those.

Onyx hears about a secret entry via the slopes of Mount Waterdeep. The catch is that it’s somewhat open and it might not be looked upon too favorably to have them sneak up to it and go into it. However, they take their chance and go when it’s dawn, hoping to avoid any notice. The cavern is slick with slime and moisture, having only been hidden behind an outcropping of rocks. Devros, after almost slipping in the slime, creates a floating disk to carry himself and feels safer now.

The first cavern they find contains old and rotten crates and kegs. Kazel actually takes and drinks from the kegs! The rest notice the remains of smuggler’s items and leave it. Leaving the cave is a worked passage, ten feet wide and with a twelve foot ceiling. It’s also slimy but not as bad as the entry cave.

As Kazel is walking down the tunnel, he suddenly takes to quick steps and jumps. As he lands, he then takes out his chalk and marks the floor.

“Sorry. I am not used to working with others, yet. This area,” he points indicating a ten foot by ten foot area of the floor, “is a pit trap. I forgot to mark that side before jumping over it.” Kazel then turns his attention to the bronze door on the other side of the pit trap. It looks brand new and none of the slime touches it. As he does that, the rest of the group jumps over the pit, with Devros floating across it.

The door is obviously suspicious to them. Onyx eventually finds out how to reveal the keyhole, which the door had none of, and goes to work unlocking it. He fails as the trap goes off and interrupts him. Onyx, Niabi and Kazel dodge out of the way of the lightning blast but it hits Mirimah square on! She shrugs it off as Onyx goes back to looking at the lock. This time he disarms the trap and then unlocks the door.

As the door opens, it swings over another pit but locks into place in front of a door across the way. The group confirms its suspicions that the door can only hold one of them. Any more than that and they would fall into the pit. Onyx goes in front to check the door, which is locked but not trapped. He unlocks it and they go into the corridor beyond.

Getting away from the open air of the city, the tunnel is now drier, although water drips in the distance and some runs down the walls, but there is no slime and the footing is not as treacherous. The ceiling is even a little higher her. As they move into this hallway, Niabi hears what sounds like a minotaur’s heavy breathing from up ahead. The group readies themselves for a fight.

Indeed, after a corner, there is a minotaur that is looking to fight them. Before it can charge, though, two hook horrors break out of the walls, attacking from the side and rear! The fight is on! Mirimah locks down the minotaur, who gets a few lucky shots in, but that’s about it. However, it’s the hook horrors that do cause horror to the group as they get several good hits on Devros. Niabi and Devros scramble to get out of the way and counterattack. After exchanging several blows, Devros conjures a magma creature to help fight it. Once the hook horror is distracted by that, he then teleports one over the door, dropping it into the pit, and then lashes out with another spell, felling the other hook horror! With only the minotaur left, it’s soon dispatched and the group keeps exploring.

Kazel finds the pit trap again and jumps over it only to find the second pit trap on the other side of the first! He drops through and before he hits the ground, teleports above the first pit trap, gaining more speed and heading toward the spikes! Kazel does twist enough that he doesn’t hit the spikes that hard and managed to slow his fall a bit but it still hurts. Devros floats down the first pit, gets teleported and then floats down to help Kazel out of the trap. They rejoin the group and again, Kazel runs and jumps over the pits! He doesn’t make it across but does manage to grab hold of something on the other side and pull himself up. There is an open door and in the room beyond, is a mechanical minotaur! It doesn’t like Kazel’s presence and the fight is on.

In this fight, the only tough part was how to get across the two pits. Once that is done, even though the mechanical minotaur had some good attacks, it was quickly dispatched. In the room, on a table, is money and some magical items, including a magical dagger of resource and a cloak of displacement. The items are divvied up and then they look around the room. It seems strange to them that there is no other exit but Niabi soon finds the secret door.

The secret door again slopes downward and a voice comes from the darkness, asking who is there in goblin. Kazel goes first, plays along until he can get close enough to the kobold then cuts him down. The others aren’t so sure about Kazel’s action on this but there is little to do. The kobold was guarding a door and Onyx looks in the room beyond to see kobolds and goblins trying to ready some defenses.

It’s a slaughter.

The group rushes in and each kill several of the creatures. They stood no chance. As they look around, there are markings on the wall that denote this as a clan. A clan of kobolds and goblins? However, as Niabi and Devros think of it, they realize it makes sense for the weak to band together in Undermountain. This could have been quite the source of information, especially since they didn’t attack. Niabi scolds Kazel for his rash actions in killing them and Kazel says he can bring one back! Then they would have a guide! The group agrees.

Kazel actually manages to bring back enough energy for all in the room but he pushes into the one he killed and forces him back from the afterlife. Kazel then offers him the platinum he found to guide them. The kobold agrees, not caring about the bodies around him! The kobold takes them to see the chief. Kazel again starts to threaten and cajole them to help but Niabi again stops him and pulls him back. They need Kazel to translate but otherwise don’t let him say much to the clan. The chief grants them safe passage and has the kobold continue to guide them to where the “dark ones followers” are found. Apparently, they have taken from the clan and those taken do not return. They fear the worse for them.

The kobold guide is not happy about guiding them but Kazel reminds him of the coins he received, so the kobold does so. He takes them through several worked passages. When the kobold comes to a door, he finally looks nervous. He opens it slowly and cautiously, looking both ways before slipping out into the corridor. Again, he leads the group to an intersection and tells them that’s where they need to go. Kazel says the kobold is staying with them! The kobold doesn’t look happy about it. He gives back all but one coin to Kazel and then scrambles to get away. Kazel lets him go and doesn’t kill him after seeing Niabi’s look.

They pick a passage, one seems as likely as the other, and head down it. As they come to a turn, they hear something and so Onyx scouts ahead. And sees the two, no three, drider that are guarding the passage! Knowing they have to go forward, the group readies themselves and then attacks! Two of the drider come forward to attack while the other yells out, in drowish but several understand, to hold them off and he will warn the others. The group is not thrilled about that but has two other drider to worry about. The drider get a few attacks in but are soon dispatched by the group.

As the fire from the wall of flame dies down, the group stares after the third drider, wondering if they should try the other way or if going forward is the best option. What danger lurks ahead?

1200 xp

GM Notes

  • Good introduction. Fun time with the dungeon crawl.
  • Never found a good way to do dungeon crawls, so had the map laid out once they reached UM.
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